Top 10 Up-comming Web Development Trends in 2021

Introduction : –

In this article we will learn about top 10 growing Web Development trends such as, What is Virtual Reality , What is Block chain Technology (Bit-coin) , Cryptographic Algorithms , Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) , What is Motion UI & Motion Graphics, What is Web Assembly , What is Chat-Bot AI and much more!

10. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Have you ever played game like pokeymon-go , bricks-space , Jombic-Go, goes faster world etc are in super-exciting well they are indeed. This is because of Augmented Reality technology which combines the real and virtual environment. It allows you to experience real-world environment through computer generated data. Not just that it also provide real time interaction and generates authentic 3D registration of real and virtual object.

Virtual reality on the other-hand changes the users environment completely through devices such as headsets,sensors,screen etc. Many of you would have either used or seen it around you. If you still clue-less , let me give you a hint…

Example of Virtual Reality

Have you played game by wearing headset or any such device that makes you feel that you are in completely different environment. “Yes!” , that is Virtual Reality.

Devices that Develop Virtual Reality

The Devices that are develop for virtual reality produce realistic images, sounds,vibrations etc. that makes you feel true to the virtual environment. such as , Headset, Sensor, etc.

Technology Used in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Talking about the technologies that are used in Augmented reality and virtual reality.Augmented reality and virtual reality requires dedicated hardware and software technologies. When comes to hardware , you will need specialy designed headsets , sensors, eye-glasses and cameras etc. And Software like Unity,Un-real engine , cantico -content and AR-core etc can be used for virtual reality whereas for Augmented reality.

E.g. – Unity-3Ds , Max-design. MAYA, Content-Full etc can be Used

9. Blockchain

Blockchain is a Data Structure where each block is linked to another block in a time-stamped chronological order. In another words , Blockchain is a pack link , decentralized , distributed database of incripted records. Its an aped only transnational database , not a replacement to the conventional databases. Every nodes keeps a copy of all the transactions happens in the past which are secured cryptographically . All information once stored on the ledger is verifiable , oditable,but not editable. It is highly fall tolerate as there is no single point of failure. As blockchain did not conceptualize as a single separate entity itself. It was the backbone the technology of Bit-coin.

Role of Blockchain in Bit-coin Technology

How Blockchain helps to securely transfer this Digital GOLD (Bit-coin)

Consider a bitcoin transfer , where James transfer 5 bit-coin to his friend Jai in the network. Now this transaction broadcast to the bit-coin blockchain network and special nodes called miners and who take this transaction from the pool of unconfirmed transactions validate it and add it to their block. Here, sippose Lisa and Robert are the miners they verifies the transaction in the network and group the verify transaction in a block and start competing to solving a complex mathematical puzzle called Proof of Work . If Lisa solved the puzzle first , she will broadcast to the block to the entire network. The other miner validate the block and every node anomalously agrees to the current state of the ledger each updating the record independently. Thus James and Jai get a verification message that transaction is completed . The transaction thus became the part of universal distributed ledger or Blockchain. And for her conceptual work Lisa is rewarded with newly created bit-coins. The current reward for each block is 12.5 bit-coin , so Digital money id transfers from one person to another without the use of third- parties we use in our conventional system. Is that amazing , Yes! Blockchain Technology for all its virtue is not a new technology. Possibly it is an amalgamation of potent technology in new way.

Blockchain is Amalgamation of potent technology in new way.

1. Cryptographic Algorithms

Bitcoins are secured for strong state-of-art cryptographic mechanism. Every thing is stored on the block-chain is incripted . To get a better idea of how it used in blockchain let’s get our previous example of transaction where James send 5 bit-coin to Jai , every transaction has unique key knows as private key.

2. Distributed Network –

Block-chain uses a distributed network where two or more nodes work with each other in a co-ordinated fashion in order to achieve a common outcome. All users on blockchain are nodes or pears who maintain their own ledger. In the distributed architecture transaction is transmitted pear to pear. Transmission of transaction across the network takes around one to two seconds. Faster transaction process makes the validation process swift for the pear. This ultimately results in faster transfer of digital assets.

3. Program (Blockchain Protocol)

Blockchain uses network servicing protocol for smooth and secure running of the system. The nodes serves the network by maintaining the records of transaction. The verification process can be customize for each blockchain. Basically it is a consensus mechanism that govern the network of blockchain. E.g. Proof of work in bit-coin Blockchain. The consensus basically does two things , it ensure the next block in the blockchain is the one and only version of the thread and it also keeps powerful advertiserise from de-layering the system.

8 . Cyber – Security

Cybersecurity is a set of techniques used to protect the integrity of networks programs and data from attack , damage and unauthorized access.

From the computing point of view , security comprises , cyber-security and physical security both are used by enterprises to protect against the unauthorized access to the data centers and other computerized system. Information security which is designed to maintain the confidentiality , integrity and availability of data is sub-set of cyber-security. The use of cyber-security can helps cyber attacks , data breeches and identity test and can ate and risk management.

Use Of Cyber-Security

As we all know , today’s generation lives on the Internet and we the general users are almost ignorant as to how those random bits of once and zeros read securely to our computer. For hacker its an golden age. With so many access point , public IPs , constant traffic and tons of Data to exploit. Black hat hackers are having one hell of time exploiting vulnerabilities and creating malicious software for the same. Above that cyber attacks are evolving day by day, hackers are becoming smarter and more creator with their malware and how they bypass virus scan and firewall still vessel many people.Therefore there has to be some sort of protocol that protects us against all the cyber attacks and make sure that our Data does not fall into run hands. This is exactly why we need cyber-security.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks can be anything such as malvar attack , sesing , password attacks, malverising etc.

Implement of Cyber-Security

How to implement cybersecurity in order to secure itself from these attacks. There are numerous procedures for actually implementing cyber security. But there are three main steps , when actually fixing a security related issue

(i) To Recognize the Problem

The first step to recognize the problem that is causing the security issue. E.g. we have to identify whether there is adenoidal of service attack or a man in the middle attack.

(ii) Evaluate & Analysis :-

In the next step, we have to make sure that , we isolate all the Data & information that may have been compromised in the attack.

(iii) Treat :-

Finally, After evaluating & analyzing problem the last step is to develop the patch that actually solve the problem & bring back the organization to a running state.

Note :- Cyber attack have become very common and the need for cyber security professionals is also growing. Therefore cyber security is one of the hot web trends in today’s World.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source library that helps you to create a lightweight and fast loading web pages.

AMP is project from twitter and google to make fast mobile pages . It enables marketers & publishers to create mobile friendly web pages which can be supported at different platforms and it compatible with all type of browsers. To offer quick and smooth persuading experience , AMP uses HTML , CSS & JavaScript .As it word , AMP Inovation are utilize with certain limitations to guaranteed close movement page load time site consistency to AMP determinations.

E.g. – Some example of AMP websites are cmpc , the Washington post etc.

The AMP Framework consist of sub-components namely , AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript , AMP Cases. AMP HTML is a standard html , AMP JavaScript handles the loading of resources and AMP Cases helps in serving and validating the AMP Pages.

Technology Used In AMP

1. Online-Format :-

AMP pages make use of online format. They are distributed on the web and can be show in the browser. At whatever point a standard web page AMP associate a connection to the AMP page is normally added in an html tag in the source code of the standard page.

2. Third Party Integration :-

Anyone such as any organization or an individual can create product which will work on AMP Pages,. All they must do is complite the AMP pages specification.

3. Performance :-

According to Google AMP pages furnished google search , generally load in less than one seconds. Not just that, they is also used 10 times less data than the corresponding non-AMP pages. Another very famous news organization CMPC reports 75% decrease in mobile page load time of AMP pages when compared to non AMP one.

4. Parity with Canonical Pages

Google has Announced , that At the February Ist 2018 , It will require the content of canonical pages and those displayed through AMP be sustainably the same. This is aimed at improving the experience of the users by avoiding the common difficulties with the user-interface and increasing the insecurity and trust. As a result AMP has become a significant technology trend.

6. Motion UI and Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics pieces of animation of digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation.

User experience is one of the most important things that companies focus on.This is because , anything that catches the attention is short to go viral. This the where the motion user interface or Motion UI comes into the focus. Motion Graphics are the pieces of animations or digital footage which can create illusion of motion. They usually the appropriate audio for the reuse of multimedia projects. Motion graphics are usually displayed via electronic media technology they can also be displayed using manual part technology, such as flip-book , stroboscope etc. One of the most popular motion graphics library serve motion UI library. It is a SASS library , that can quickly create CSS transitions and animation. The fact the Sass Library are highly responsive , very easily used with CSS , JavaScript and HTML , makes them a promising trends in 2021.

5. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are nothing but a small messages that can sent public ally anytime and anywhere They are website independent unlike popup notifications that show up only when audience appears on the site.

In Push Notification the initiate the transfer of information by broadcasting the message. Some common example of Push Notifications are as follows :

  • Web-push
  • HTTP Server Push
  • Push-let
  • Long Polling

(i). Web Push

The web-push proposal of IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) is a simple protocol using HTTP version 2 to deliver real time events. These events can be anything such as incoming calls & message which can be forwarded in the timely manner. Web Push protocol builds all time events into the single session. This result in more efficient use of network and radio resources. A single server can build all the require events and distribute them to applications as they visit. This is done with in single session. Thereby avoiding duplicated over head cost.Web Notifications are now a part of world wide wide consoient or W3C standard. These notifications alert the user , outside the context of the web page of an event that has occurred such as receiving a pin. As part of Standard push API define by W3C standard , web push now been implemented many of the modern browser such as Firefox, Crome , Edge & Safari.

(ii). HTTP Server Push

HTTP server push also known as HTTP strimming.

It is a mechanism for sending Asynchronous data from server to the browser. HTTP server push can be achieved through any mechanism such as Full duplex TCP connection , mime etc.

(iii). Pushlet

In this technique the server makes user persistent HTTP connection , leaving the response perpetually open i.e. the server never terminates the response. This result in making the browser remain in loading mode after the initial page load could be considered complete , then server regularly sends the pipette of JavaScript to update and modify the content of the web page , thereby achieving push capability. This technique avoid Java applets and other plugins on the client side in order to keep server and the client get automatically notified. about the new events that are pushed by the server.

(iv). Long Polling

Long Polling not actually the push but it is variation of traditional polling technique. It allows emitting the push mechanism , in situation there are real push can’t be operated.

E.g. – In banking site with high security policies that require of rejection of incoming HTTP request etc.

4. Web Assembly

WebAssembly is a new language that runs with JavaScript on the browser. It define a portable binary code format for executable programs and the parallel textual assembly language.

Web Assembly is one technology trends that is used in various modern day applications such Desktop Application , Gaming Application etc. It is a new language that runs with JavaScript on the browser. Yes, you heard it right , it is a new language. We can compile code from any language such C or C++ to web Assembly and run on the browser. Not just that , it is also be used for server less computing. WebAssembly defines a portable binary code format for executable programs and the parallel textual assembly language.


It requires a virtual machine and a Vasim Program. Vasim code is designed to run on the portable virtual machine. The virtual machine designed to be faster to parse and execute than JavaScript and have a compact code representation .

The Vasim Program:-

The Vasim program is designed to be a seperate module. It containes the collection of various vasim designed value program type definition. They are basically expressed in binary or textual format.

3. Single Page Applications

Single Page Application (SPA) are the application that offer dynamic interactions resembling native Mobile and Desktop Apps.

Single Page Applications SPAs that are accessed via web browser like other websites , but they offer more dynamic interaction resembling native mobile and desktop apps. The most notable difference between the regular websites and SPAs is reduce amount of page refreshes. SPAs have heavier uses of Ajax , a way to communicate with backend user without doing full page refresh to get data loaded into the Application. As a result the process of rendering pages happen mostly on the client site.

One of the best example of SPA is our Gmail. When we open the gmail , we will notice when we open the main from inbox , it only fetch emails and display it on the place of email list. The rest of the component like header or sidebar are not reloaded. It only loaded DOM Document Object Model for the require section. Therefore this reduces overhead loading of the website.

Technology Uses

  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Ajax
  • Web Sockets
  • Server-side events
  • Browser Plugin

(i) JavaScript Frameworks :-

Most of the JavaScript Frameworks can be used to build Single Page Application SPAs. JavaScript Frameworks that can be used to make SPAs are Angular , React , Vue ,Nodejs etc

(ii) Ajax :-

Ajax is a most remarkable technique currently being used in SPAs.

(iii) Web Sockets : –

Web Socket is a Bi-directional real-time client server communication technology that is part of HTML5 Specifications.They use in better compare to Ajax in terms of performance and simplicity.

(iv) Server-side Events :-

Server Side Events or SSE is a technique using which server initiate data transmission to the browser clients. Once the initial connection established and events stream remains open in under closed by the client.

(v) Plugin :-

Using browse plugin , we can make Asynchronous (non-blocking) request response from the server. Single Page Applications are a great way to save time. Therefore they have become most popular Web Development Treads in 2021.

2. Chatbots & AI

Chatbots are basically a software program driven by Artificial Intelligence , which serves the purpose of making a conversation with the user by text or by speech.

E.g. – Famous example include CV, Alexa atc.

These Chatbots are enclient towards performing a specific task for the user. Chatbots often perform task like making a transaction, booking a hotel, form submission etc.The possibilities with the Chatbots are endless with the technological advancement in the domain of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Almost 30% of tasks are perform by chatbots in any company. Companies Employ Chatbots for services like costumer support , To deliver information etc.

How Chatbots Works

We can Define Chatbots into two Categories, which are Rule Based Approach and Self Learning Based Approach .

In the Rule Based Approach , A bot is trained according to the Rules. Based on this The bot can answer simple queries but sometimes fails to answer a complex one.

In Self Learning Approach , bots follow the machine learning approach which is rather

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