What is Search Engine Optimization. Complete Guidance

Introduction –

In this articles we will learn about all aspects related to , What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There is a significant development that happening now. Covid-19 has changing the consumer behavior and therefore , Marketing .

Whenever consumer behavior has sifted marketing spends and efforts have adjustable response. As confinment mejor were introduced around the world out of Home that normally calls as OOH. Cinema advertising have almost frank instantly. Digital Consumption has increase even more , use of social media platforms and trim services region have almost every where. Gaming has also grown dramatically. Now Marketers are adopted by following consumers. So Digital Marketing is expected to grow te future as well SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one the most important aspect of Digital Marketing.

Almost all brand irrespective of the domain , category need SEO.

Let’s get started,

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization ?

A huge percentage of content , products and brand discovery originates in search. If you are a Brand owner regardless of what your business offer your target audience is likely searching for products or services similar to own search engine. If you attract them to on your website you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, having good SEO improves users experience eventually the website traffic. SEO is a critical source for website. The Google’s Algorithms are consonantly evolving , now it captures your locations and also the times you are intent.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important :-

Good SEO helps in getting your pages right high owner search engine result page.E.g. – adsbing.in. Now, SEO is organic in nature , the biggest advantage of SEO is that it is not involved paying for the listing on the search result page. The ultimate purpose of achieving high ranking is simple , to attract more traffic to your own website, and ideally convert that traffic into leads and finally into paying customers. When you look at your site statistics or web analytics or any tool like google analytics you can see how and where your traffic is coming from. You would heard terms organic search , now SEO is aim that increasing your organic search. Now, the other search load at time hear about is payed search, like the shopping ads , product ads etc.

The other advantage of SEO is that it offer a good user experience. Many of the Search algorithms updates , focus on making sure that users are directed to the site that northerly provide relevant content but also a great user experience. This include technical factors like Mobile Optimized , Visibility , Site Speed etc. Today this play particularly important role in ranking your website than above. User experience has a very impact on conversions and hence can significantly influence your sale as well as revenue in the long run.

SEO is easy to measure , it is a great feature of the Search Engine Optimization that you can measure virtually every aspect of your result. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your traffic, your referral sources, your conversions and any other matrix that matter in your business.

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy for improving your sites ranking in the search engine results.Google , Bing , Yahoo are called the search engines. The page you just saw now that is known as the search engine result page. On the search results page , on an average about 10% of the clicks happens on the ads and 10% on the next page link that you see at the bottom of the Google page. Now, good whole some 30% happens on the first result that pops-ups. That is why brands and websites are constantly trying to optimized their pages to be among Top-3 search results. For Most publishers 70% of their traffic actually comes from search. Now you will keep hearing of Google , quit a lot talk about search that’s because about 90% of all searches happens on the Google. In addition to this you would also be using Bing which comes from Microsoft. Bing is default search tool for most MS Office desktops and Laptops. There is also Yahoo Search,ask.com,docfile etc. Now approximately about 15 % to 30% of from user use Bing , Yahoo. Now, as a Marketer we focus on basics of marketing i.e. “to be there where be consumer is”. Hence it is important for the businesses to be present on search engine result page. When a new brand comes up , there first task is to have their pages (index page) listed on the search page.Then try to get on the among top 3 results.

History of Search :-

1993 :- Search Engine Excite was launched

JUNE 1993 :- Worldwide Wanderer was launched

1994 :- Yahoo,Vista,Lycos Search Engines were created.

1995 :- LookSmart , Excite , AltaVista were created.

1996 :- BackRub

1997 :- Launch of Google and MSN Search engine was built.

Types of SEO :-

SEO Can be ,

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO

White Hat SEO refers to the most legitimate practices, at head of the marketers to gain higher ranking in the Search Engine Results page. The white Hat practices strictly abide by the Guidelines for SEO published by Seach Engine like Google .The practices listed under white Hat SEO techniques may be slowing giving you results but result last for a longer duration. White Hat SEO activities include , having a secure https site, keeping simple URL structure,making sure your website is compatible with all different type of browsers and devices, making sure you have a good clean HTML code and avoiding creation of duplicate content & also making sure that your links are scrollble by Search Engines.

Black Hat SEO includes practices that aim at finding weaknesses and loop false in Google’s Algorithms in order to rank higher in the Search Engine Results pages. This practices are against the Guidelines propose by the Google and over all Google’s algorithms. Now the most common Black Hat SEO techniques include spam links, Keyword stuphing ,clocking, hidden text & links. This practices aims at misleading the users and redirecting to the site they don’t need. Let me briefly explain this technique further.

Spam Links are the links between pages the are present for reason other than relivant content and relivant action.

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