Top Upcomming (Future) trending technology in 2020-21

Top Upcomming (Future) Trending Information Technology in 2020-21

Top 10 Trending Technology in 2020-21

The IT worlds remains in the state of constant flucks.As an IT professinal it is almost like a surviaval tak tik to keep yourself updated with the ever evolved technologies as well as market trends.hence

In this articles , we will learn about growing Information Technology that dominate this Industry in future.

10 . Cognitive cloud computing –

Cognitive cloud is an extended eco-system , it is due to this, that we can deploy cognitive computing applications and solutions to the masters using cloud computing.Now just that , it is one of the next big thing in IT Industry. Also it can converses natural language and helps in dicision makng by understanding the complexity of big Data.
It is expected to generate revnue USD $13.8 Billion by the year 2020 alone, and hence big companies such as ‘IBM’, “Microsoft”,”Google”, “Cisco” are already investing in this next generation technology to keep up with the upcoming market.

9 .5G Technology –

The next technology to learn in year 2020 is 5G technology. 5G represents the next generation of Cellular networks and services. “Switzerland is the current world leader in 5G technology” closely followed by south Korea nad United States. A bigger role out destipated by the year 2020 with the global adoption of this technology.
It is expected to give a minimum of 20GB ps downloading and 10gbps up links which wll make it 40 times faster than current 4G lte.
Opening doors for new services , network operations and customer experiences on the part of telicom operator.Companies ingage heavily in the development and testing of 5G equipments.E.g. Samsung, Huawei , intel , Ericsson , Nokia , Deloite , Qualcomm etc.

8.Big Data –

How does’t know about Big Data already , the word has benn specialy abaz for quite of few years , with all the businesses moving beyond the traditional ways of the data storage and proccessing. “Big Data has made his way for the big games!”.Now with all these technologies, such as Data Analysis Automation,Data Augmented Analytics and Data As a Service, Big Data is in here to change the game across the Industries.
The subset of Big Data is know as “Dark Data”.
All Data that is generated along with Big data but is entabded.
E.g. – 20% Good Data Visible and rest 80% Dark Data hidden.
The potential is unlimited and in the year 2020-21 93% of all Data generated till date, will fall under Dark Data.
Comming back to Big Data , Companies which are investing in Big Data include Netflix, Amazon,Startbucks, Spotify,Adobe.

7 . DARQ –

This is a Future technology pattern consisting with other big technologies. It is consider to be a catalyst for change in the post digital world.
You might have noticed that DARQ is an acronym in which,

D – Stand for : Distributor Ledger – It first gained his momentum in the Industry with the introducton of Blockchain and Bitcoin.
A Stand for : Artificial Intelligencewhich is bring about tremendouse change in various domains.
R – Stand for : Extended Reality included Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,
Q – Stand for : Quantum Computing , which basicaly means trying to create IT technology based of on principle of Quantum Theoty.
Recently google has made major break through by attaining Quantum supremacy with “53 Qubits” Quantum processors,it has successfully carried out Random Circuit program 1 Million times in 200seconds which otherwise taken 10,000+ years through traditional computing.At this moment 9 out of 10 businesses are experimenting with one more DARQ Technology, while each individual technology is at different level of the adoption curve.
In italic “One thing for sure the first wave of DARQ technology is comming soon… So Congratulation to all the DARQ ages here!”

6. 3D Printing –

To revolutionizing the future 3D printing is one the those technologies you definately look farword to in the upcomming years in the future.
It is said to completely changed the face of domains , such as Healthcare,Manufacturing, and Construction.
With the market size of 10 Billion it is expected to grow at a rate of 23.5% every year for the next five years, and big brands such
as Bugati, BMW,Adidas,Audi,Force,

5. Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT is one such technology making its way into a top 10 list every single year, not just that by the tear 2020-21. It is estimated that around 75 billion connected devices are going to exists on the phase of this globe. Not just that IOT is also paying the way for edge computing. For Enterprises to keep-up with the technological trends they have to build a infra-structure upon edge based design patterns.There are few front runner in this particular market such as AWS , Cisco,Microsoft,Dell and hp but there are small of businesses that quickly acquiring this technology.

4.DevOps –

Like IOT DevOps has made his entrance into a top ten trending technology list in every single year.With this edge and functionality it as a key aspect not just development but also operation management.Not just that , DevOps made its way into Artificial Intelligence through data ops .With increase in use of micro-services DevOps continue to pay its way into our big players such as NASA,Netflix,Capgemini,Dell,which are the few pioneer in this Industry.

3. Hyper Automation –

Hyper automation nothing but amalgmation of two super technologies of this era, RPA and Machine Learning.Now Understanding the automation machanism and hoe it is controled and co-ordinated using machine learning will be a main focus of this feild. In the year 2020 Hyper automation is implide to have major micro-economic implication in the market.Hence top companies need to gier up for this convergence in demo-graphic ships.For Now Company such as wipro,and infosys are experimenting with this technology but other companies not very far behind.

2. Cibersecurity –

The wide spread use of IT eco-system cibersecurity remains one of the major concern for the most company.The year 2020-21 is going to a year to converge multiple niche in cibersecurity trends due to the automation in Ciber Security as well as development of Public IT Infrastructure.Multiple companies increase the security budget year by year to through out malacious threads as well as , As a response to the recent Data privacy lagislation.Top Companies such as IBM,hackerone,FireEye,Cisco,BlackBerry,avast etc.

1. AI as a Service –

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most revolutionizing and transformative technology of this era, in 2020-21 it is going to boom even more. But to build and deploy AI based solutions continues to be a very expensive affaire on the part of most businesses.Around about the way is to use it be a provider as service plateform.We expect to see a bunch of different providers in the year 2020, with till a made solutions for specialized staff. Big brands like google

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