Top 10 IT Technologies in Artificial Intelligence growing in 2021

Introduction :-

Artificial Intelligence was coined in 1955 to introduce a new discipline of Computer Science. It is rapidly & dradetically changing the various areas of our daily lifes. As the market for AI Technologies is demanding and floursing. Now there is a significant trace between many Startups and Internet zines to acquire them. And in today’s Session , we will talk about the top 10 trending technologies in Artificial Intelligence.

As we all know Artificial Intelligence is expanding & growing every day. Its laterally taking over every sector or it spreading over every possible Industry right now.

So Let’s have a look at the top most trending technologies of AI.

10 . Robotic Process Automation (RPA) :-

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the functioning of the corporate processes due to the mimicking human tasks sends automate them. Now in this particular sphere it is important to wear in mind that AI not meant to replace humans, but to support in complement in their skills and talent. Now companies like Pega System , Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UI path , Well fison Focus etc work on these. Now RPA alog with AI takes care of Customer service , Accounting, Financial Services , Healthcare, Human Resources , Supply Chain Management and a lot more , but these are definitely some of the important aspects of the Robotic Process Automation.

9. Text Analytics & NLP :-

Natural Language Processing (NPL) focus on the interaction between the Human Languages and Computers. It uses Text Analytics to analyse the structure of sentences as well as the interpretation and Intension through Machine Learning. Now this Technology widely adopted in fraud detection and for Security Systems. Many Automated assistance & application derived unstructured Data by NLP.

Some of the service providers in this aspects include the Basis Technology ,Expert systems , Cobio , Indico , nime mime breach etc

Now no wonder these terms make it to the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Lists.

8 . Biometrics :-

Biometrics is definitely a very common term to all of us right now, because we are use our Finger Prints or the biometric and also Face detection in order to unlock phones, Laptops etc. Now Biometric deals with the recognition , measurements and analysis of the Physical features of the Body structures , Form and Human behavior. It fastest organic interaction between

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